Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Tred's Funeral

Tred's funeral was on June 9th at 3:00. We got to the cemetary at 2:30 our families were already their. We pulled into the one of many driveways and met with the funeral home. He was talk and all I heard was Tred's in the backseat. As soon as I heard that I broke down. He will never be in my backseat but he's in their backseat. After a few hugs and crying and waiting for the preist, we all started our line of cars to the gravesite. Greg had given our camera to our Sister-in-law to take pictures. We of course wanted as many pictures as possible to remember Tred and his service. Greg the kids and I got out of the van and the priest immediatly came up to us and offered his sorrow for our loss. I again broke down. After a few minutes to catch ourelves, Greg picked Tred's casket out of the funeral homes truck. It was so small but beautiful. I again broke down. I could't contain myself at that point watching Greg walk Tred's casket to his resting spot. The service began and Greg and I just cried the whole time. Neither of us were really watching the children becuase we thought they would talk to family members. The priest has finished his prayers came to us to again offer his condolences. I was fixed on Tred's casket and really didn't pay attention to our surroundings. Greg looked at the kids and P was in tears. He told me and I grabbed her and we huged for about 10 minutes but it felt like forever. I wanted to badly to take away her sadness but we were all feeling sad. We all went back to the van and P was still crying. E has said in a sad voice "I want my brother back". Again we all broke down and started crying. B, P, E, Greg and myself were just heartbroken. We all wanted our little boy back. My sister came over to me and hugged me and we cried together. She has had a few early losses as well and with Tred passing, I'm sure brought her feelings of loss back to the forefront. I am so greatful that I have my sister to lean on. She has been my rock. She calls daily to check up on us and she's their when I just need someone to vent to. She doesn't add her two-cents, she just listens. She is just wonderful and I will be forever greatful that I have her in my life. We came home after the funeral and have a nice lunchon that my sister put togther. All family members brought something, which is great since Greg and I haven't had any energy to cook. The engergy we have is spent mourning our loss of Tred and making it as easy as we can for the children. Greg and kids and I talked about something to do to keep Tred's spirit alive. We all decided to make a garden. No tree's just flowers. This gives the kids a chance to be a part of his life and make him as important as they are. We will plant flowers every year. We decided on flowers so if we ever plan to move, our garden can come with us. We are in the process of designing and making the garden look beautiful.

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