Thursday, June 18, 2015

In true Angie fashion, I'm behind...... on everything.  I'm slowly crawling back out of my hole of sadness, guilt and death and enjoying the world again.  It's a new, very awkward feeling.  Its hard to be happy.  I've been good at hiding my sadness from everyone for several years, even my family. I started to become angry to everyone all the time.  I was happier by myself than when I was around people.  My youngest has a baseball team and there are several new parents that didn't know about Tred and Talya.  When they found out they asked.........they asked about them.  The most amazing feeling ever was being asked what happened to Tred and Talya by someone that wasn't around for the 7 years of me being in my cocoon .  I hadn't told the story in a long time.  I told their story with a few tears but I told their story.  These ladies were very sympathetic and never said the word I hate the most, sorry.  They were wonderful and said "Oh Angie" or just a hug but NO SORRY was used.  It was such a wonderful feeling to not hear the word I hate the most in the the world.  It was such a weird feeling, kind of like the sun shining down on me beaming with pride, this is how I feel every time I talk about my babies.

Till I have more to say,

Mom of 5 wonderful children

P.S.  I've changed my blog from my son's email to my email so I will have to update lots of stuff!