Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Today Talya would have been 4.  Such a sad day for me.  I have been very busy and not allowing myself to really sit and think about the details of her birth.  I found myself reading a card that I received from a mom of  one of E's friends.  I read it to myself just fine, when I read it out loud, I lost it.  Small things like this have been creeping up on me.  I have been having a hard time sleeping of late as well.  I have a beautiful video I made pictures from Talya's birth and I still 4 years after it was made, can not watch it.  It's too much for me.

We hope to make a nice balloon release today but can you believe that it's April!  We will go to visit but the balloon release may be postponed due to the weather!  I'm hoping that the snow on the ground doesn't stick so I can decorate her gravestone.  This is something we do every year for Tred and Talya's birthday.  They will never get a party, a cake, ice cream or presents, so we make sure we celebrate their birthdays with decorations at the cemetery.

Happy Birthday Princess Talya!!!!!


Till I have more to say,
Mom of 7 wonderful children

Monday, April 1, 2013

Always behind

It's quite funny how things I want to keep on top of, get put at the bottom of the list. Well this blog is one of those. I have updated the look of this blog to give it a little color. 

I know Tred and Talya would love those colors as their brothers and sisters like this design as well. Lots of colors and a lot of fun is what we are trying to do. Things are going well and the kids are doing fine. 

So far the winter has been good and no destruction of the headstones have happened. This year Talya will be 4 and Tred will be 5. It's hard to believe how far time has passed and what a very hard five years this has been. 

 I will love you Forever Tred and Talya!

Till I have more to say,