Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I am not very good at blogging

I have been so bag at keeping up blogging. I have been going through many things these last few months and some have been very hard. The holidays have been a bit hard but thankfully my husband and kids are very understanding because they are feeling the same. As I said, I have been going through a lot these last few months. We found out that I am pregnant again. It's bitter sweet and hard to be excited. I am constantly scared something is going to happen and we are going to be hurt again. We waited a long time before we told the kids and even now I am more than 1/2 way through the pregnancy and it is still scary.

When I told the kids E asked if the baby was going to die. That was the hardest question becuase I asked myself that same question. I said we hope not and left it at that. How can I answer the question when I am thinking it myself.

Anyway, We still have Sundays as day to visit Tred and it helps so much knowing that the kids look forward to visiting. I find it helpful to visit and have my time with him but wish I could hold him. I miss him every day!