Saturday, February 7, 2009


I am so angry and upset that I just want to throw things. We didn't get a chance to visit Tred last week becuase of the kids sports. Well we visited him today and Then my anger struck. His marker had 2 inches of mud on it. Well thankfully we had a shovel to shovel it off and once we got the mud off we notices that their was a large spot on the marker that had been broken off. How could anyone be so rude and uncaring. The only think I have left of my baby is his marker and it look like that. Well it looks as though they snow was removed from the area because for 2 burials. This mud wasn't from any runoff or the snow melting. I just get so upset that Tred's marker was so yucky looking. I can understand if it was a thing from nature but this was clearly not a natural thing.

I have contacted the cemetary and hope to hear from them soon!

(I am currently 29 weeks and am very nervous. I ask Tred every day to watch over us after I say a special prayer for him)