Friday, August 1, 2008

I think the meds are working

I think I had said this but just in case I didn't(I am horrible at remembering) the dr.s upped my antidepressant medication. They felt as though I needed at higher dose. Well it seems to be helping a bit. I still cry, just not as much and it's mostly at night when I'm lying in bed unable to sleep. I just have too many thoughts on "what could have been". Greg and I had a talk last night about a lot of things from his family to our family. MIL has come back into our life and we've just decided to let things be water under the bridge. Greg has opened up more than he ever has. I enjoy being able to talk to him and get the truth of how he is feeling instead of the usual "nothing is wrong" or "I'm fine".

MIL has been a huge help through all of our struggles and I am grateful that she is stepping up to be the mother we've always wanted her to be.

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