Thursday, June 11, 2009

Sad week

It was a sad week. It was so hard to belive that it's been a year since Tred passed away. I felt so alone this week. It seems that no-one really remembered Tred unless I reminded them of his birthday. It hurt so bad that some family members even forgot. Is it really that hard to acknowledge him. Just becuase Tred died doesn't mean he didnt exist.

I would love to have saw his name on one of the message boards and it not be me typing it. Do people that have never experienced a loss want to see the name of a baby that passed away on a message board. LIFE IS SO HARD, DEATH IS SO HARD.



heidi said...

does my ecard count as remembering, or did you not get it. I think some people probably remembered but did not want to say anything maybe for fear of upsetting you. I know that you want to talk/express feelings, but for some people it is very hard to do and they do not want to step on toes, so with understanding how you are feeling, you have got to remember not everyone is comfortable mentioning things about Tred or Talya because of the way it makes them feel also, however you can always count on me remembering both of those dear little babies "special" days!! Love ya lots, remember we'll get through this some how, and we'll do it together, so remember you will never be alone as long as I am here on earth!!

Angie said...

I got it and was thankful to have gotten it. THANK YOU!