Thursday, June 18, 2009

Could my babies be telling me something

I love roses, yellow ones with a bit of orange or just plain yellow ones are my favorite. Well all of my rose bushes are blooming, even the ones that we thought we'd have to replace. I can only think that my babies are making the roses grow.

Large dark pink rose bush.

This pink rose bush bloomed before the dark pink above.

The yellow roses that used to only get one or two blooms

This is my dark pink rose that was going to get pulled out this year, low and behold it's got roses.


Tina said...

Wow those are pretty!! Of course those are your babies telling you something. They are saying "it's summer mama, we're here to blossom just all of you!"

MendedHeart said...

There are so many ways our babies use to tell us they are still with us. It is so precious. Your roses are so pretty. Hugs