Thursday, August 1, 2013

I think I'm a chronic liar

Yet again I have taken my sweet time posting.  I keep saying that I will post often and it never happens.  Things around here have been so crazy with B, P and E and their sports.  Life is never dull.  With that it would be a lot more active having Tred and Talya with it and it makes me a bit sad that we are not busier.  Did I just say that, sad that we aren't busier.  The small things that get taken for granted are things that we want.  We want to be so frustrated with having 5 different schedules for our five babies, but that's not what we have.   I sit tonight and think of how my life has been since having Tred and Talya and how my children's live has been.  It makes me sad to know Tred won't be able to pick on P with the boys, he won't be wrestling, playing baseball or football.  Talya won't be able to get her hair done by P and P won't be able to do her hair or help her with makeup and teach her gymnastics.

My living babies are becoming more and more independent and it really scares me.  What will I do when they go to school.  I have been loving working at home and having the kids around all the time.  I sometimes think I may need a new dog or cat to take care of just because I need to nurture someone or something.  I want that feeling of joy in taking care of a baby, which I will never get again. I need something.

Tred and Talya I think of you everyday.  I went shopping and found some cute little things for you when we come visit.  We are very excited to walk in your memory this year.  Many hugs and kisses to you both!!!!  I love you Tred and Talya!

Till I have more to say,
  Mom of 5 wonderful children

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