Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I need your heavenly babies special info.....

As I sit here and ponder the lack of support us parents that have had a child pass, I would like to get your babies special information. I would like to send you a card letting you know that I remember.


Right now I don't have a badge (I don't know how to make one), but this site is up and running.

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Reba said...

i think it is a wonderful thing you are trying to do with the cards. i'm so sorry your two little ones aren't running around being toddlers right now. when i think about what my house would be like right now, with two 2-year-olds (my angels) and my l/c 1-year-old, i sort of cringe, then i sigh b/c yes it would be insane but it would also be insanely wonderful, if you know what i mean.