Thursday, September 17, 2009

Still haven't finished announcements

OK. I made Talya's birth announcements and I still haven't sent them out or thank-you's. I am so afraid to finish these as these will be the last thing I need to do to tie me to doing something for her. I sit and look at the announcements and invitations and I just can't get myself to do them. I don't want anyone else to do them either. This is my job, it's just a hard job. I am hoping I can do a few of them this week, but of course their are no guarantees.


Sarah said...

Take your time. (((HUGS))) There is a little girl in our grade level with your sweet angel girl's name. Everytime I hear it or see her, I think of you.

Lea said...

Angie - just came across your blog and started reading yours, Tred and Tayla's story. I am so, so, sorry for your losses. None of this is easy.

Thinking of you.

Kristy said...

You'll get it done in your own time. No pressure, don't stress about this. When you are ready to work on them, finish them and send them out will be what is right for you.

We didn't even do announcements for either of the boys. :( Makes me sad...we did them for our living children, so why didn't I for them? They were living...just didn't stay with us long enough.

Gentle *hugs*

Anonymous said...

I will help you finish them, that is my job as your sister is to help you, so let me finish helping you with them. I think everyone would love to see how pretty she was and this way everyone will see her an maybe it will make it easier for everyone to talk about her to you, and talk about Tred also, maybe once you get them done it will be a relief that you have now shared her with all your close friends and families. you will always be tied together as mother and daughter and no one can take that away from you. if you feel like you need to be working on things for her to feel close to her and of course Tred too, why dont you start scrap books that would be someting you could do a little at a time and add your special touches to each special page to help you remember them, also we had talked about adding things to your curio cabinet, we can set a time/date and start that also. So let me know what you need me to do to help you! Love you lots!! Heidi